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Guarantee of Materials


Guarantee of Materials




General – All parts and material are 100% new. All units don’t contain any salvaged materials including but not limited to laminations, castings, shafts, pole pieces, pulleys, hardware, etc. All units have clean, uniform, “new” finish and appearance, free of blemishes, oxidation, smudges, scratches, etc.


Hardware – All screws, nuts and washers comply with OEM design. Surface treatment: Yellow zinc, Blue (Silver) zinc, (if OE used black zinc, it will be acceptable)

All FORD 6G family units use wavy washers on Regulators and Rectifiers for heat expansion purposes. Split Lock washers are not applied.

All FORD 3G & DELCO CS130 family units use bearing 10mm (Width) SRE.


Casting Appearance – All machined surfaces retain their machined finish, however, uniform appearance of the castings takes priority.


Pulleys – Solid pulleys, use yellow zinc plating, Silver Plating but a black powder-coated or E-coat. Clutch and decoupler pulleys are used as applicable based on OE usage.


Fans– Use any plating or powder coating.


Assembly – Comply with OE torque.


Solder connections – Use 97-3 high temperature solder materials.


Rectifiers – Source from Yunyi, Mobiletron/Regitar, and Transpo. All rectifiers with heat transfer compound on the following family types, Delco CS130, CS130D, AD Series, 24SI, Hitachi and Mitsubishi (where heat sink plates are in direct contact to the SRE housings).


Regulators – Source from Transpo, Mobiletron/Regitar, and Yunyi

Heavy Duty regulators on Motorola HD models.

Heavy Duty regulators on 21SI to 35SI models. Diode trios on 25SI to 30SI models.

Heavy Duty regulators on Lecce-Neville models.


Brushes – Material Composition and wear rate are equivalent to OEM.

Insulators – B+ insulator for CS130 units use WAI part #42-1309 or equivalent material. Material composition and “creep” resistance is very important for this component.

Bearings – Use WBD, NTN, NSK, NMB, C & U brand. All CS units use 6303 DE bearing instead of 6203.


Starter Drive

Use Dow Corning Grease G-5042 and Stainless Steel Springs.


Field case – Ford PMGR starters use yellow zinc plating finish. Other field cases use yellow zinc plating, Silver Plating, black powder-coat or e-coat finish. Case and solenoid have same color when plated.


Solenoid– Plated with yellow zinc, Silver, powder-coat and e-coat. All Ford PMGR starters have post type switch terminal on the solenoid. Solenoid and Case have same color when plated.

Torque of the cap solenoid: minimum 86 inch./pounds

SSL (Semi Solid Link) style solenoids used on all 37MT to 42MT models.

Integrated magnetic switches (relays) used on Denso and 39MT models.


Test Specifications – All units make performance test after final assembly and a copy of the test report in English will be included with each unit.


Seal pressure test – All wet clutch and marine applications perform this test. Marine applications are silicone/seal


Performance – Alternator turn-on speed and output current are within 10% of OE ratings. Starter power is equal to or greater than the OE rated power.


Packaging – Units packed in a manner that will ensure that they arrive at customer’s facility undamaged and conforming to the appearance requirement listed above. We don’t use Styrofoam packing material in order of environmental friendly.


For Delco 34, 35, 36SI series a jumper wire is equipped on all four terminals alternators with “REMOTE SENSE”.

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